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ESG at TorQuest
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ESG: an inherent part of creating value

At TorQuest Partners, we believe that evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations—in itself and in each potential investment—is consistent with providing the best possible returns to our investors.

ESG is an effective lens for identifying risks and creating value throughout the investment lifecycle, across locations and markets, and in the transition to a low-carbon economy. In these ways, ESG supports our vision for TorQuest:

Our Vision
To be the most desired Canadian private equity firm for global investors, businesses and our people
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Guided by four principles

We integrate ESG into our decision making in line with four principles: Sustainability, Responsible Investment, Diversity and Inclusion, and Accountability. Consistent with our fiduciary duties, we also encourage our portfolio companies and investment partners to advance these principles.


We take a long-term view and behave in a manner that recognizes the impact of our decisions on future generations and the planet.

Responsible Investment

We consider how our investments affect the environment and local communities, and strive to foster good governance.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in limitless human potential and in the inherent benefits—new ideas, fresh perspectives, better investment outcomes—that diversity brings.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and business practice.

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Integrating ESG into our investment approach

ESG risks and opportunities affect investment performance. That is why at TorQuest we believe factoring ESG into our approach is key to achieving better risk-adjusted returns. Taking ESG into account in our decision making enables us to craft more sustainable long-term strategies for our investors and portfolio companies. We consider ESG in our three core activities:

  1. Investment

    Part of our holistic investment approach is assessing value and risk through an ESG lens across origination, due diligence and deal execution.

  2. Asset Management

    Our four ESG guiding principles factor into our teams’ active engagement and continuous monitoring of TorQuest portfolio companies.

  3. Company Operations

    We embed ESG into TorQuest’s day-to-day office activities, external relations, and talent attraction, retention and development.

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Embedded in our culture

Across our entire organization—TorQuest leadership, management team and employees—we are accountable to upholding our ESG principles and policy in all we do.

ESG is part of our culture, informing how we assess opportunities, engage investment partners, manage our operations and interact with portfolio companies, all of which have ESG policies and practices of their own.

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