February 19, 2013

Ensyn and Pinova Establish Joint Development Agreement

Ottawa, Ontario and Brunswick, Georgia – David Boulard, President of Ensyn Technologies Inc. and David Bookbinder, Chairman of Pinova Holdings, Inc. announced today the signing of a joint development agreement for the production of specialty chemical products.

The goal of the development agreement is to combine the strengths of each party to create a portfolio of specialty chemicals produced from various renewable cellulosic feedstocks. Pinova, a US based specialty chemical business, is a global leader in several consumer and industrial markets, operating through two principal subsidiaries, Pinova, Inc. and Renessenz LLC. Ensyn is a producer of liquid fuels and chemicals from non-food biomass. Ensyn’s proprietary technology, Rapid Thermal Processing™ (RTP), has been in commercial operation since 1989 and has been used for the production of over 30 million gallons of liquid chemicals and fuel products.

We welcome Ensyn as a key partner in the development of a portfolio of new chemical products using cellulosic biomass feedstocks,” said Mr. Bookbinder. Our mission is to be a global leader in our markets through operating excellence and innovation that delights our customers. Ensyn’s RTP technology provides an additional pathway for us to leverage our 100+ year history of innovation in biomass chemistry. We believe Ensyn and its RTP technology platform, together with Pinova’s capabilities, will allow for the generation of a new portfolio of specialty chemicals from renewable, sustainable raw materials.”

We are pleased to establish a development agreement with Pinova,” said Mr. Boulard. Pinova’s significant expertise, manufacturing base and strong presence in specialty chemical markets are a perfect fit for Ensyn as a joint development partner.”

Pinova joins a group of blue-chip entities working with Ensyn in the development of applications for its commercially-demonstrated RTP technology platform. These include Fibria Celulose S.A., the world’s leading market pulp producer as well as UOP, a Honeywell company, the world’s leading supplier of petroleum refinery technology. The UOP strategic alliance, which takes place through jointly held Envergent Technologies LLC, is related to the engineering and supply of RTP equipment and upgrading solutions on a worldwide basis for Ensyn’s renewable liquid fuels business.

Ensyn’s key renewable liquid fuel, Renewable Fuel Oil™ (RFO), is a multi-purpose petroleum replacement fuel that can be used for heating, conversion to transportation fuels and power generation using diesel engines.

Pinova Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Brunswick, Georgia, is a leading producer of specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks including cellulosic biomass. The company owns and operates three chemical facilities in the Southeastern United States. Pinova has specific expertise in the extraction and purification of chemicals from renewable biomass feedstocks and a 100+ year history of innovation. Pinova sells its products globally to more than 300 customers.

Ensyn Technologies Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ensyn Corporation, a US producer of liquid fuels and chemicals from non-food biomass. Ensyn bases its production on its Rapid Thermal Processing™ (RTP) technology and has historical production of over 30 million gallons. Ensyn is currently executing a significant build-out of RTP capacity in North America and internationally for the production of Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO), its principal renewable liquid fuel product.