October 4, 2011

FIC Joins Forces with Garda Investigative Services (GIS)

To our valued clients: As the President of FIC, I’m pleased to inform you that we have recently joined forces with Garda Investigative Services (GIS), the investigative services division of Montréal-based security giant, Garda.

Effective October 5, 2011, this alliance unites the country’s top investigative service providers under one roof in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces. Our clients can now benefit from unrivalled geographic coverage, enhanced capacity, and additional expertise strengthened by a new depth of resources.

As Canada’s largest investigative services provider, FIC helps insurance companies and corporations manage risk and combat fraud with a dynamic mix of investigative, security, and litigation support services with complete national coverage. The addition of the professionals at GIS will strengthen the company’s depth of resources exponentially. At the end of the day, it’s about the people who are doing the work, and the people at GIS are well-known in the industry as top-notch professionals in their field.

The match between FIC and GIS is a strong one that will undoubtedly provide Canada’s corporate and insurance markets with a partner that can match and exceed their needs in scope and depth across the country. FIC and GIS have entered into a strategic client referral agreement which positions FIC as the provider of choice for corporate investigations outside of the Province of Quebec.

With more resources and talent to draw upon, FIC is now unrivalled in Canada with respects to geographic coverage and depth of expertise. Our clients have always valued the fact that we can handle all their investigative needs. Peace of mind is what we offer, and the coming together of FIC and GIS makes that even more possible.

Our priority during our transition phase in the coming months will be to ensure minimal disruptions to client projects. As always, you can expect quality standards, robust reporting, and professional service. For now, I invite you to engage FIC or GIS as you normally would until further notice.

FIC is an SCM Insurance Services company, whose three core operations include claims management (ClaimsPro), risk management (RMS), and investigative services (FIC) to the insurance, government, and corporate industries. The fact that FIC and GIS are joining forces signals the company’s commitment to the continued growth of its investigative services division.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mr. Aubé, Garda’s COO of Security Solutions.

Sincerely, Len Copp President, Forensic Investigations Canada (FIC)


FIC helps Canadian corporations and insurance companies combat the risk of fraud by providing nation-wide investigative, surveillance, information, and specialized site security services. For more information about FIC, we invite you to visit www​.scm​-fic​.ca.


GIS helps national organizations and law firms gather business intelligence to mitigate risks and reduce losses. These services are also complemented with a broad range of investigative services that can be customized to meet the insurance community needs. For more information about GIS, please visit www​.gar​dain​ves​ti​ga​tions​.com or www​.gar​dase​cu​ri​ty​.com.