October 31, 2011

SCM Insurance Services Enters Medical Evaluation Market with Acquisition of Riverfront Medical

Toronto, Ontario – SCM Insurance Services is pleased to announce that it has acquired Riverfront Medical Services, an industry-leading provider of independent medical evaluations (IME). This acquisition aligns with SCM’s long-term plan for strategic growth; more importantly, it signals SCM’s entrance into a product and market segment that is complementary to the continuum of insurance and risk management services it currently offers its clients.

Driven to growing its core services in such a way that ultimately benefits its clients, SCM identified the IME market as a natural extension to its existing core services. As a company that is well known for its high level of service and quality medical reports tailored to the insurance market, Riverfront is an industry leader, and as such, a natural fit with SCM” shared Larry Shumka, CEO of SCM. We are very happy that the professionals at this esteemed company are joining us here at SCM.” Riverfront and SCM are also culturally compatible, as both share a strong commitment to the development and use of industry-leading proprietary technology.

This alliance provides Riverfront with the resources and support required to position it for continued national growth. As part of the SCM group of companies, Riverfront will operate as a distinct entity, remaining committed to the unique medical-driven model that has characterized its operations since its inception; namely, Riverfront will continue to be a medical service, driven by medical professionals.

Moving forward, Riverfront’s service delivery team will remain intact. We will be the same people that our clients have come to know and trust,” shared Dr. Sheldon Levy, President and Medical Director of Riverfront, and our clients can expect a smooth continuation of services during this transition phase and beyond.” While becoming part of the SCM family, Riverfront will continue to harness the power of its proprietary workflow management technology, which has proven to produce strong results for its insurance clients.

Ultimately, SCM’s entrance into the IME market exemplifies its commitment to providing clients with a sophisticated continuum of insurance and related services.

Riverfront Medical Services 

Riverfront is dedicated to providing quality medical services to its clients across Canada, including reliable Independent Medical Evaluations, Ergonomic Services, Short-Term Disability Management, Diagnostic Imaging, and Support Services. It continually adapts to changes in the industry sectors that it serves by enhancing its existing services, specialties, and protocols in accordance with the needs of its clients. To learn more please visit www​.river​frontmed​.com.

SCM Insurance Services 

SCM Insurance Services has been servicing Canada’s insurance and corporate industries for the past twenty-five years. As a privately-owned provider of claims management, risk management, and related services, SCM has distinguished itself through innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service. Visit www​.scm​.ca for more information.