Joyce ndungi scholar bio


Torquest Scholar
“I intend to use the mentorship program to my advantage as a way to understand myself and my interests as an individual, knowing that my interests within the finance world are always changing.”
Joyce Ndungi

Joyce Ndungi joined the TorQuest Scholars Program in the summer of 2023 following her first year of studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough enrolled in the business and finance program. Joyce moved from Nairobi, Kenya to Canada to pursue her studies and applied to the TorQuest Scholars Program with hopes of expanding her understanding of opportunities available in the broader business and finance sector.

Joyce, Ndungi
“I applied for the TorQuest Scholars Program because of my interest in finance and the larger business world as a whole, but my mentor pushed me towards this program specifically because of the ongoing mentorship that happens after the internship.”
Joyce Ndungi