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Johnvince Foods
“The TorQuest team was honourable. They did exactly what they told me they would.”
Joe Pulla, CEO

Johnvince is a leading processor of snack nuts, confectionary, dried fruit, and other related products through branded, bulk, and private label sales to leading Canadian and U.S. retailers. The business was founded by Vincenzo Pulla and is run by his son, Joe Pulla, who has been with the business for over 40 years. We were first introduced to Joe and the team over 15 years ago and had remained in touch since then, including looking at some prospective acquisition targets together.

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The family was looking for a financial partner to help with Johnvince’s next leg of strategic growth, including through the execution of an acquisition strategy. Our long-term relationship and history with the business gave TorQuest the conviction that Johnvince was a high-quality business and that this was the right team to back. This relationship is also what helped differentiate us, such that Joe had the confidence that we could not only deliver on our offer, but that we had the right skillsets and values to form a successful long-term partnership with him. 

While still early days into our investment period, we are excited at the prospects ahead for Johnvince as we look to continue the company’s long-term track record of profitable growth in a non-cyclical and on-trend category.

“The partnership with TorQuest has been great. They’ve brought in outside perspectives that have added value, while respecting what’s made Johnvince so successful.”
Joe Pulla, CEO