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Thinking Capital
“With their contacts alone, the partners at TorQuest have transformed the whole nature of our business and its potential.”
Jeff Mitelman, Founder and CEO

We first heard about Thinking Capital through our extensive network of Canadian executives in the financial services industry. The business, a financial technology company specializing in providing innovative financing for small to medium-sized enterprises, was intriguing and we were extremely impressed with founder/CEO Jeff Mitelman and his team. At the time of our first meeting, an investment was not in the cards.

But we stayed in touch. More than just staying in touch, we took the time to help Jeff with introductions to key constituents in his ecosystem. A year later the opportunity came for TorQuest to buy out one of the company’s non-active shareholders.

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Our involvement has allowed the company to secure significant and innovative financing to fuel its growth. In addition to capital, we have since supported Thinking Capital’s growth through a go-to-market strategy based on channel partnerships. On the strength of TorQuest’s relationships, Thinking Capital has signed referral arrangements with a number of major Canadian financial institutions and national retailers.

With TorQuest’s help, Thinking Capital has transformed itself from an entrepreneurial niche finance business to one of Canada’s leading fin-tech alternative lenders.

“TorQuest connected us with top-tier Canadian financial institutions, which gave us immediate legitimacy and national scale.”
Jeff Mitelman, Founder and CEO